In this section you may find essays or lectures by Shiseikan Kancho and Meiyo-Shihan.

The texts are in English. For some texts you may find versions in other languages.

Texts by Araya Takashi Sensei:
(Shiseikan Kancho from 2009)

  1. Centre, Circulation and Musubi – the spiritual force of generating and raising everythingConnection between Shinto and Budo
    (text for the seminar in Czech Republic 2015)
    Other language version: JPDE, RU
  2. Handout for seminars in Geneva and Stara Wieś
    (text for the seminars in Switzerland and Poland 2014)
    Other language version: JP, FRRU
  3. Power of Constancy and Variability
    (text for the seminar in Germany 2012)
  4. Japanese Budo as seen through the Great East Japan Earthquake
    (text for the seminar in France 2011)

Texts by Inaba Minoru Sensei:
(Shiseikan Kancho between 1993 and 2009, Shiseikan Meiyo-Shihan from 2009)

  1. Budo: Path of Spiritual Refinement
    (album and DVD issued in 2008 for 35th anniversary of Shiseikan,
    with Inaba Sensei as editor in chief and one of the authors)
    a. Praying to the deities – training Yamatodamashii (by Inaba Sensei)
    b. Harai-no-Tachi (by Inaba Sensei)
    c. Shiseikan-Poland: A Reflection (by Jadwiga Rodowicz-Czechowska)
    d. Spiritual Aspects of Budo (by Ilias Papathanasis)
    Above are sample articles from the album “Budo: Path of Spiritual Refinement”.
  2. Transmitting the Soul of Japanese Budo
    (text written in 2008, booklet issued for the seminar in Poland 2010)
  3. BUDO – Training for the soul
    (text for the seminar in France 2007)
    Other language version: FR
  4. Cultivation of Unshakable Spirit
    (text for the seminar in Poland 2007)
    Other language version: PL
  5. The meaning of BU
    (text for the seminars in Wales and Poland 2006)
  6. Researching Japanese Budo
    (book issued in 2006, still available directly at Shiseikan)
  7. Japanese Mythology (Budo: A tradition handed down from the deities of war)
    (text written in 1981, translated for the special seminar in Germany 2013)
    Other language version: DE
  8. Interview with Inaba Sensei by Aoyagi Eisuke
    (Aikido Journal 102, 26th of August 2002)

Texts by Tanaka Shigeo Sensei:
(Shiseikan Kancho between 1973 and 1993, Shiseikan Meiyo-Kancho from 1993)

  1. Interview with Tanaka Sensei by Budojo
    (made in 2004 during Sensei’s visit in Poland, published in Budojo 3/2004)
    Other language version: PL

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