Ordering Weapons

ISBA is able to offer a service to order weapons for Kashima no Tachi:

  • Bokuto (wooden sword – also known as bokken) – currently 7,800 yen
  • Fukuro Shinai (leather covered bamboo sword) – currently 21,300 yen

This is through the shop Jinbudo.

The ordering procedure is as follows:

  • Check the Calculation Spreadsheet for Weapons Orders for a rough calculation of price – includes package/posting estimates/insurance/VAT (if applicable). Please note all prices are in Japanese yen
  • Send an email to with your order. You need to include:
    • Full name and postal address to which order should be sent
    • Email contact details for the order and telephone contact details
    • Number of weapons of each type
  • You will be sent a formal proforma invoice in Japanese yen, together with bank account details for a transfer.
  • Please note that orders can sometimes take a few weeks to fulfill depending on stock available – you will be notified if there is likely to be any significant delay
  • If you accept the order, you must transfer the full amount in yen – make sure that you pay any bank fees for sender and recipient to ensure that the shop receives the full amount (do not pay in other currencies, and do remember to pay the fees to avoid delays)
  • The order will be packed and shipped and you will be sent an EMS tracking code (note that depending on the country shipments can takes weeks sometimes to clear customs – and you may be asked to pay import duty or VAT to release the package). Tracking codes can be used via this page:
  • Confirm receipt of the weapons, and that everything is OK

Possible problems (all of the below have occurred in the past – please take care that they do not occur for you!):

  • Payments are made in other currencies and/or the banks fees (for sender/recipient) are not paid – this will delay your order and you will need to make another transfer
  • Unclear postal address – please write as it needs to be written for your postal service to deliver to you successfully
  • People order and then go on holiday for some weeks – parcels have been sent back to Japan! Please ensure there will be someone present to accept delivery of the parcel.

About ISBA

ISBA has been supporting Budo since its foundation in April 2009.

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