Kashima-no-Tachi DVDs

DVD_contentsInaba sensei has been working with the publishers of Hiden magazine and with other instructors and students from the Shiseikan to produce a 3 volume set of DVDs:

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  • Vol 1 Shoden [Basics]
  • Vol 2 Chuden [Intermediate]
  • Vol 3 Okuden [Deep Transmission]

You can now order these DVDs on the web:

or visit:

They are with Japanese commentary and as of September 2014 all 3 have English subtitles. By kind permission of BAB, and with permission from translators, ISBA is able to provide a written copy of the English subtitles to its members, who purchased DVD (any edition: with or without subtitles) – this will be under appropriate license.

If you are interested, please contact ISBA Honorary Chairman R.Cowham robert(at)isbaweb(dot)org for details.


People interested in DVD material titled¬† “Teaching of Budo”, recorded in 2002 by J.Pomianowski due to courtesy of¬† Inaba Sensei, please contact Warsaw Budojo kenjutsu(at)budojo(dot)pl

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