Dear Aikido friends,

the Aikido Dojo Mainz is happy to invite you to our first Anita Köhler Memorial Seminar in Mainz, Germany, which will take place at the last weekend in October this year.

We will host this event annually in October in Mainz, Germany. Every time with a different teacher, someone who was a budo-companion of Anita.

This year, the main instructor will be Robert Cowham from London, UK. We will practice Kenjutsu (Kashima no Tachi) und Taijutsu (Aikido). Also, there will be a budo-philosophical lecture, with an open discussion afterwards.

Following Anitas example, who has always been keen to practice the martial arts, striving towards self-refinement on a physical and spiritual level, we want to take this opportunity to gather, and keep pursuing this path, that she has once walked along beside us.

Spread the word. We are looking forward to your participation!

Best regards


Aikido Dojo Mainz, Germany

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