Weapons & Equipment

As announced at ISBA Seminar in Poland (August 2019) orders are being taken again with Jinbudo. Robert Cowham is acting as agent.

Send an email to with your order details and you will be sent a basic spreadsheet to complete.

Prices are:

  • Bokuto (wooden sword – also known as bokken) – currently 8,600 yen
  • Fukuro Shinai (leather covered bamboo sword) – currently 22,700 yen
Packaging, postage and handling costs.1-10 items11-20 items
Packed inOne boxTwo boxes
PostageActual SAL postage cost (by weight)Actual SAL postage cost (by weight)
Packing charge2,500 Yen5,000 Yen
Fees for Invoice/customs fee, bank charges, communication10,000 Yen15,000 Yen

Payment should be made 2-4 weeks ahead of shipping by bank transfer.

Alternative websites for weapons and equipment orders:

Visit JINBUDO or SAKURAYA shops in Tokyo in person or the following websites:

ninecircles bokuto
ninecircles fukurojinai

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