Scholarships are awarded by Meiji Jingu Shiseikan to ISBA members, who want to deepen their study on Budo and Shinto and are capable to share their experience with others. ISBA Board has been able to recommend 1-2 candidates per year.

So far recipients have been:

  1. Andrzej (2009)
  2. Ilias (2009)
  3. Robert (2010)
  4. Colin (2010)
  5. Adam (2011)
  6. Alice (2012)
  7. Stein-Are (2013)
  8. Lefkothea (2013)
  9. Yon (2014)
  10. Angela (2014)
  11. Stan (2015)
  12. Josette (2016)
  13. Bartek (2016)
  14. Moritz (2017)
  15. Jean-Michel (2018)

The reports may be available on request sent to the scholar or to ISBA Board.

In order to be advised about current requirements and conditions for candidates, as well as to apply for scholarship, please contact ISBA Secretary: isbaboard (at)

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ISBA has been supporting Budo since its foundation on 27th of April 2009.

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