ISBA (International Shiseikan Budo Association) was founded on 27th of April 2009.

The following is taken from the Aims and Structure of ISBA:

More than 20 dojos and many individuals worldwide have strong links with the Shiseikan today. The remarkable increase in the number of people attracted to the technical and spiritual aspects of Shiseikan Budo informed by many years of practice of Kashima Shinryu, Aikido, Kendo, Kyudo, Judo and other aspects of Japanese heritage, indicate that it is perhaps a good time to seek to establish the ISBA in the year of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Shiseikan.

Shiseikan Budojo was founded to revive the spirit of Japanese Shinto and the spirit of Japan“ Yamato-gokoro” (as promoted by the Meiji Tenno) and this is of increasing value both within Japan and to the international community. Shiseikan instructors know how to revitalize our martial practice by filling it with the spirit of true Budo. They embody the spirit of centuries of Budo which is rooted in traditional Japanese culture and is a very valuable part of our global human heritage.

The members of this proposed Association recognize that the power, elegance and beauty of Japanese Budo which are the elements that attract people in the first place, are inextricably linked to a unique spirituality, which forms the base of what we may call Japanese ethos. So, our vision is to further an appreciation of traditional Japanese culture and research the elements it has in common with our own traditions and ethos through the practice of Budo. We thus intend to enhance the understanding and friendship between nations in order to improve and enrich our global human heritage.

Our hope and aim is that the Meiji Jingu Shiseikan will contribute to the development of the spirit of Budo as a means of cultural enhancement in countries world wide via the ISBA.

A major challenge for the ISBA is to preserve the traditional way of Budo teaching that requires a one-to-one relationship, while transmitting the spirit of Budo to many students around the world.


The main aims of the ISBA are:

  • To transmit the spiritual and technical heritage which has continued to evolve in Shiseikan Budo, in one-to-one and one-to-many forms, helping to develop a Budo relevant to the contemporary culture and society of each member nation.
  • To take the existing long term threads of connection with the Meiji Jingu Shiseikan, and weave them into an enduring network for promoting and supporting the realization of this project.
  • To provide support and information on the teaching of Shiseikan Budo, and to encourage the transmission of the Shiseikan’s teachings, including the invaluable contribution made by the Meiji Jingu Shiseikan to the understanding of Japanese cultural heritage. This to be achieved through activities such as regular international seminars with accompanying ceremonies which we have come to value and appreciate, and visits to the Meiji Jingu Shiseikan for further study.
  • To research and promote the application of the principles of Budo to other areas of human endeavor. A major activity will be to arrange master classes for students with high-level experience in martial arts to inspire and preserve the spirit of true Budo, making the tree of their experience blossom again.
  • To engage in study and research of Budo in its relationship to the Shinto tradition.

ISBA Founding Members

ISBA is composed of member dojos, and as agreed in the General Assembly in 2010 we have some individual (“ronin”) members.

The founding act of ISBA was signed on 27 th of April 2009 by the following people on behalf of their dojos:

  • Ms. Anita Koehler (Aikido DojoDarmstadt)
  • Mr. Thorsten Schoo (Frankfurt Seishinkai)
  • Mr. Paul Smith (Tetsushinkan Budojo – Movingeast)
  • Mr. Robert Cowham (East Sheen Aikido/Kashima Shinryu Kenjutsu Dojo)
  • Mr. Ilias Papathanasis (Athens Aikido Society)
  • Mr. Atle Riise (Tenshinkan Aikido Club)
  • Mr. Stein-Are Engstad (Reimeikan Aikido Club)
  • Mr. Jerzy Pomianowski (Warszawa Budojo)
  • Mr. Andrzej Bazylko (Aikido Andrzej Bazylko)
  • Mr. Tomasz Sowiński (Soto Aikido Club)
  • Mr. Pascal Durchon (Aikido Club Eragny)
  • Mr. Benoit Mabire (ASPTT Lille Metropole – Aikido)
  • Ms. Valeria Zatonskaya (Reira Dojo)
  • Mr. Gildo Mezzo (SDK Budo)

and witnessed by:

  • Mr. Inaba Minoru
  • Mr. Araya Takashi

About ISBA

ISBA has been supporting Budo since its foundation on 27th of April 2009.

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