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Nearest ISBA summer seminar  – see separate post

Next year ISBAS is planned in Poland on 3-10 August 2019 in Stara Wieś.

Aoki sensei will tech at Tetsushinkan in London in mid-November 2018 and in Chatillon at the beginning of May 2019.

Seminar in London will take place from Friday 16/11/2018 to Sunday 18/11/2018 – there will be also extra training on Monday 19/11/2018 for everyone who want to stay.
Address for the venue:
> Friday 16th November 5.30pm-8.30pm – Highbury Grove School, 8 Highbury Grove, Highbury East N5 2EQ
> Saturday 17th November 10am-5pm – Highbury Grove School, 8 Highbury Grove, Highbury East N5 2EQ
> Sunday 18th November 10am-5pm – Highbury Grove School, 8 Highbury Grove, Highbury East N5 2EQ
> Monday 19th November 7.30pm – 9.30pm – address to be confirmed based on interest.
Please be advised that on Saturday and Sunday between training will be very short break so please bring your own lunch as there may be not enough time to go get something from outside.
If you want to secure your space please fill up the application form and transfer fee with reference:
YOUR NAME – AOKI seminar to:
Acc. Name: Movingeast
Bank of Scotland
Acc. No.: 06432961
Sort code: 12-24-82
IBAN:GB89 BOFS 1224 8206 4329 61
Whole seminar: £90
weekend only: £60
one day: £30
If you think that transfer cost may be high then you could bring cash for the ISBA seminar in Calais.
If you have any questions please send email to:
Kind regards
Tetsushinkan Aikido

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