Anita – in memoriam

With deep regret we pass to you this very sad information,
that our Friend and Colleague Anita Köhler has died on the evening of 2 February 2018,
due to the consequences of a serious illness she was suffering from.
She passed away untimely, before reaching the age of 54.
Anita was ISBA Co-founder and Board Member from the beginning till last year.
She was always among creators, organizers and participants of meaningful activities:
GERK, ISBAS, Budo Spirit Research Seminars, Youth Exchange, Women Group Visit.
She met Inaba Sensei in 2000, and remained one of his closest foreign students.
She was a founder and leader of Dojo in Darmstatd (1994), Mainz and Mannheim.
Anita was also a main supporter of the Aikido Federation of Germany (there is a memorial page on AFD website where everyone can leave some words of good bye).
In May 2017 she succeeded to accomplish her dream: Himorogi Budojo.
Unfortunately, due to health heavy condition,
Anita was unable to attend its inauguration.
She will always remain in our hearts.


ISBA Board received many letters from Europe and Japan with commemorative testimonies. Let us quote some of them:
“It is with great shock and sadness that I learned of Anita’s passing away”
“Anita san was always full of motivation, confidence, and challenging spirits. At the same time, she was warm-hearted.”
“I am very sad about Anita’s decease. It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with such a smart, committed and heartedly person. I’ll be present with my spirit to accompany Anita in her last home.”
“Anita and I became close in the last few years. I was hoping for more time. A great loss…”
“I just read – that Anita passed away!! Can’t believe it. Can’t believe it. I am very sad about that. This is way too early.”
“I just cannot believe. I met Anita last year that’s why it’s so hard for me to believe this and I feel deep sadness. I pray her soul may rest in peace.”
“We didn’t know Anita long, but she was always very kind to us.”
“I am very very sad. She will keep living in my heart forever.”
“I remember her as a good human being, a fair, caring and supportive person, with a nice sense of humor.”
“I will not forget her passion, curiosity and kindness.”

A special letter was sent from the Shiseikan Director.

The funeral service was held on Friday of February 16th,  at 11:15 a.m. at the old cemetery in Darmstadt (Alter Friedhof, Herdweg 105). Almost 400 people managed to farewell Anita in person. Among other speeches, ISBA Honorary Chairman Robert Cowham expressed his thoughts and feelings in his very personal Eulogy. He also kindly forwarded the letter from ISBA Chairman


Since 2019, the Aikido Dojo Mainz decided to host Anita Köhler Memorial Seminar annually in October in Mainz, Germany. Every time with a different teacher, someone who was a budo-companion of Anita.

Following Anitas example, who has always been keen to practice the martial arts, striving towards self-refinement on a physical and spiritual level, we want to take this opportunity to gather, and keep pursuing this path, that she has once walked along beside us.

The seminar contains practice of Kenjutsu (Kashima no Tachi) und Taijutsu (Aikido). Also, tere is a budo-philosophical lecture, with an open discussion afterwards.

Spread the word. We are looking forward to your participation!

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